Sunday, 30 September 2012

Ohhhh week!

I have just come to the end of a busy and fantastic week – the Cranfield Full time MBA Orientation week – hosted by the finishing students (14 of them) for the new students.  I hardly remember my first O week at the University of Sydney 20 years ago – it flew by as the new world of University life washed over me.  This O week was quite different.  It was still a huge amount of fun, but the emphasis was about getting to know our fellow cohort with whom we will be working with closely, and understanding the ins and outs of the year ahead.  I was discovering new bits of information every session so it was really the 'ohhhh week' for me.
We were allocated into one of two streams and then introduced to our working team of six for the next 3 months.  We were given presentation and assignments as warm ups, team competitions and advice.  We were brought up to speed on the team work, content and assessment/examination requirements.  Our diaries were completely full – an indication of the year ahead!
The week also showcased the many and varied extra-curricular activities we can get involved in if we find we have too much spare time.  It seems that we get to operate in some sort of time warp this year where we complete two years of MBA content in one year, learn a second language (compulsory if you only have the one), embark on an international business field trip, compete in European MBA Business competitions, train for a marathon, join a music group etc etc.  The main message from last years MBA cohort is to push your boundaries and make the very most of this valuable opportunity.  The team of fourteen from last year were quite the example for us - they had really made the most of the year and it showed in their knowledge, they way they held themselves, their presenting and their sincerity in ensuring we are well set up for the year ahead.  If this group of 14 are a product of the Cranfield MBA then things bode well.  A big thanks to Catherine, Anna, Lana, Henry, Hilario, Inaki, Peter, Ric, Saquib, Simon, Gareth, Adnan, Shoumi, and Pankaj for a great week.  
Ohhhh week is now over and we start in earnest on Monday with Accounting first class!

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